There are many options when choosing a funeral ceremony.

A Funeral usually includes:

Preparation of the deceased (not a law but recommended for a public “viewing”
Visitation (or called a “wake”) where the family receives friends.
Service at a church or funeral home.
Followed by interment: burial, entombment, or cremation
A Memorial Service usually takes place after cremation or burial without the deceased present. This can take place at a church, funeral home, or family’s preference.

Other types of services:

Nonreligious or Humanist – held in place of a religious service with or without deceased present
Fraternal or military service – members of a civic group, fraternal order, or veterans’ organization honor the deceased usually in the context of a traditional funeral
Other Features and Options:

Displays (pictures, hobbies, interests) Be as creative or
simple as you would like

We pride ourselves on the service we provide each family we serve.

Our funeral home provides a full range of funeral service options, from the traditional religious service to simple cremation. Each family is provided with the opportunity to learn about and discuss the wide variety of funeral service options available to them.