COLFAX Township

Evergreen Cemetery - Colfax Twp / off CTH M, east side of Colfax
Hill Grove Cemetery - Rusk / Colfax Twp / Just north of CTH BB
Lower Running Valley Cemetery - Colfax Twp / Hwy 40, east  of 950th St.

DUNN Township

Evergreen/Abbott's Acres - 420th St. near CTH Y
Grandview Cemetery - 380th St (Grandview Rd) at 335th Ave.
Little Elk Creek Cemetery (Norwegian Lutheran) - 570th St. (Church Rd)Pownell - CTH Z, Downsville
Pleasant Valley Cemetery - Falls City/Louisville / CTH Y, south of 210th Ave (Chippewa Road)
Riverview - CTH C, Downsville
Rosehill Cemetery - CTH C, Downsville
Waubeek - same as Evergreen/Abbott's Acres

EAU GALLE Township

   Clearview Cemetery - CTH Z, SW of Eau Galle
   St. Henry's Cemetery - CTH D, Eau Galle
   Union Graveyard - Abandoned/destroyed
   Weber Valley Cemetery - CTH C, Arkansaw


ELK MOUND Township

   Barum Lutheran Cemetery - Elk Mound / CTH H, south of 630th Ave. Hillside Dr) North and off Hwy 29
   Evergreen Cemetery - Elk Creek Lake - 970th St (Evergreen Lane) at 490th Ave.
   St. John's - Chippewa County 



GRANT Township

   Holden Lutheran - CTH M
   North Running Valley - Chippewa County
   Popple Creek/ St. John's Cemetery - Colfax North/ CTH W
   Running Valley - Chippewa County
   Unnamed - 1170th Ave (Trout Creek Road)


HAY RIVER Township

   Hay River Cemetery - Wheeler / CTH F, north of CTH N
   Hay River Lutheran Cemetery - Highway 25
   Our Saviour's Lutheran Cemetery - 470th St (Bird Rd) at 990th Ave (Lake Rd)



LUCAS Township

   Lucas Cemetery - Knapp, CTH Q, south of CTH N
   Teegarden Cemetery - Knapp, Cemetery Road, north of Hwy. 12




   Evergreen Cemetery - Shorewood Drive, Menomonie (on the lake).
                                             Email Carolyn Ohnstad for information.
   Ford Cemetery - 530th Ave (Mill Road) at 370th St, Menomonie South
   Halvorsen/Christ Lutheran Cemetery - Cedar Falls Road, N. Menomonie
   Hammer Hill - 370th St (Memorial Drive)
   Highland Cemetery - CTH BB. Menomonie North
   Irvine Creek - CTH K
   Mamre Cemetery - Knapp, 550th Ave (Town Hall Road)
   Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery - CTH Y, south of Menomonie
   Potters Field Cemetery - north of Hwy 12E, Menomonie
   Ridge Road Cemetery - CTH P, Menomonie South
   St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery - CTH Y, Menomonie South
   St. John's Cemetery - 350th St (Calvary Rd), south of CTH D
   St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery - Shorewood Drive, city of Menomonie
   Tramway Cemetery - Knapp, 690th Ave.


NEW HAVEN Township

   Grace Lutheran Cemetery - north of HWY 64, Connorsville
   New Haven Cemetery - Connorsville
   West Akers - Church Rd.
   Unknown - Dunn-Barron Ave.




   Little Otter Creek Baptist - CTH N
   Upper Popple Creek Cemetery - Popple Creek Road


PERU Township

   Peru/Lock Cemetery - CTH O at 90th Ave (Radle Rd.)


RED CEDAR Township

   Beyer Settlement/St. Katharine - CTH E at 640th Ave.
   Cedar Falls Cemetery - 780th Ave (Cedar Falls Road) SE of Cedar Falls
   Little Elk Creek/Froen - CTH J at 410th Ave. (Hilltop Rd.)



   East Pepin Cemetery - Rock Falls
   Rock Creek/Fossum/Meridean Cemetery - 810th St (Peterson Rd) north of CTH O
   Rock Falls - Hwy 85 & CTH O
   St. Joseph Catholic - Hwy 85 in Rock Falls



   Our Savior's Cemetery/Wheeler - CTH V west of Sand Creek
   Unnamed - Section 31 in Barron County
   Zion Cemetery - CTH I north of Sand Creek
   Zion Lutheran/Myron - CTH I north of Sand Creek



   Oak Grove Cemetery - CTH VV, SW of Ridgeland
   Vanceburg Cemetery - CTH V, Ridgeland
   Zion Lutheran - CTH VV, south of Delegard Road
   St. Paul's Lutheran - section 35, Barron County


SHERMAN Township

   Sherman Cemetery - CTH F at 850th Ave. (Falk Rd.)



   Falls City Cemetery - 810th St, Falls City
   Forest Center Cemetery - 270th Ave. at 710th St (River Road)
   Iron Creek Cemetery - CTH E at Iron Creek Road
   St. John Lutheran Cemetery - CTH E east of Ney Rd.
   Peterson Lutheran Cemetery - CTH H south of 240th Ave. (Solem Rd)
   Sand Hill
- 240th AVe (Fosbrooke Road)
   Spring Brook Cemetery - Elk Creek Lake
   St. Joseph Catholic - 490th Ave (Evergreen Road)
   Waneka Cemetery - 470th Ave (Waneka Road)


STANTON Township

   Forest Hill Cemetery - Hwy 12 east of Knapp
   Unnamed - Harold Road, east of Knapp
   Unnamed - on Nielson property, Wanbaugh Road


TAINTER Township

   Norton Lutheran Cemetery - Hwy 170 east of Norton
   Immanuel Church of Evang - 690th St. (Tainter Church Road)


TIFFANY Township

   Sutliff Chimney Rock Cemetery - Hwy 79, north of Boyceville
   Mound Cemetery - Hwy 170, east side of Downing
   Tiffany Cemetery - Boyceville
   Tiffany Cemetery plat (old cemetery)
   Tiffany Cemetery plat (new addition)
   Tollebu Cemetery - Ridgeland NE


WESTON Township

   Lower Weston Cemetery - Lower Weston Rd, north of 290th Ave
   St. John's Lutheran Cemetery - CTH P, north of CTH X


WILSON Township

   Pine Creek/New Hope Cemetery - CTH V near Wilson Road
   Unnamed - HWY 64 by 250th Ave (Blairmore Drive)
   Greenwood Cemetery - section 25 of Barron County